Can you build your own social media website like facebook?

Well in my conquest and search to find a suitable free php script to start a website just like facebook, I have come across several free script, but in reality not 100% free, ye is always something you have to pay beside hosting and domain of course, addons are the usual issues.

Now let’s say I want to create a website free, my best way to search is using YouTube were you can find not only information on scripts, but also most of time how to install them, so after several searches nothing has ever come out interesting until….

…………Yesterday, yep… a video popped up on my suggested video on how to install HumHub a video tutorial posted by OSC about one week ago, I will embed the video below if you are interested, so as usual I was extremely sceptic on how free is the script is, but looks like that is free enough to actually get started and use it for free and all the features I am interested in are by default free, so I said BINGO… gotcha.

So what is HumHub?

HumHub is a free social network software and framework built to give us the tools to make communication and collaboration easy just like the real thing, just like facebook.

It’s lightweight, powerful and the interface is easy to use. With HumHub I can create my own customised social network or social intranet that really fits my needs.

So where is this tutorial?

I think in overall this is a little powerful script that really will fit my needs and at last I can build my own little corner of a safe to use with a privacy that is real for all my family and friends to use…

Hope you will find this script and tutorial on how to install it useful as much as I did.

Stay safe…




off, especially for you 🎁

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