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Few weeks ago from one of my youtube subscribers I got a message and asked if I could write an article on how much a WordPress website cost, so I have decided finally to write a post about the true cost of buying a Hosting, domain and build a WordPress website.

Note: This post will be concentrating on self hosting and not

The True Cost of WordPress

In order to create a WordPress website or blog with we need to buy a:

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting

We also have the option to purchase premium themes & plugins as well if we want, although these aren’t required (Links below if needed).

Hosting & Domain Name (Required)

Domain names are usually the title of a website, blog, or business with www. before it, and after it (or .com, .net, etc).

They are what we type into our internet browser to visit a specific website, blog, video, PDF, etc (everything online will have a domain name).

So for example:

We will need a domain name in order to create a website or blog, whether we’re using WordPress or not.

How much does a hosting & domain name cost?

The cost of WordPress hosting will depend on a few things, such as:

  • The web hosting company we purchase it from.
  • How much bandwidth and space we get.
  • Any additional security features or add-ons we decide to go for.

The cost of a domain varies a little depending on the popularity of the domain, and the registrar we get our domain name from.

Here are a few examples of Domain name and Hosting registrars and their prices for a .COM domain name (the most popular).

How much do WordPress Themes cost?

Well this depends on if we want to use a premium theme, or a free theme…

There are thousands of free WordPress themes available for us to use, and when getting started with WordPress these will usually do just fine!

If we decide that you need to use a premium WordPress theme, we don’t need to spend as much as you might think.

Here are a few popular Free-mium (Free with Premium extensions)themes and how much they cost:

Then there are places like Elegant Themes where we get access up to 90+premium WordPress themes for one price ($89 per year).

How much do WordPress Plugins cost?

Plugins are software that we can install on WordPress to increase the functionality of our site.

To explain this a little better, here are a few examples of what plugins do.

WordPress doesn’t come with the ability to add contact forms by default, but there are contact form plugins we can use to do this.

There are tons of social media plugins we can use to integrate our different social media channels to our WordPress site.

We can use different WordPress security plugins to increase the overall security of our site (scanning files, blocking spam, etc).

Just like with Themes, there are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available for free that we can install & use on our site.

Then there are going to be times where you need to use some premium plugins when the free ones just won’t do.

Here are a few popular premium WordPress plugins to give you a rough idea of how much these can cost:

Final Thoughts

What I love about WordPress is that the features are limitless, we can customise our website at our idea content, and the pricing is flexible!

At the beginning stages of our business, we can go cheap, and then as the needs arise, we can add more features using premium plugins and themes.

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