How to create a website for your business for free

Hey all another day another post from Tim… today I want to talk you about a free way to build a static website for free using a simple to use drag and drop website builder, yes simple and free, of course you can upgrade to a paid version that gives you lots of new templates and block that can facilitate the build, but I am going to focus on the free version today, we are talking about Mobirise, a free and well supported software that you can install on your Mac or Windows machine for free, it comes with tons of free block and the entire page can be edited simply by clicking on the block.

To get you started you can watch many videos on Youtube below I will link to OSC, my place to go for all videos regarding websites and opensource software.

Mobirise is perfect application for non-techies who are not familiar with design and coding web development and prefer to work as visually but is also a great software for people who knows how to coders for fast prototyping for their customers.

Mobirise is minimalistic, easy to use is Mobile phone and tablet friendly, and with the latest version 5 you have a perfect tool free for commercial and non profit use.

You might want to look at OSC next video that will publish a Review of the Mobirise 5 and the subsequent videos that will show you how easy is to create a website and how to publish on your server.

That’s all for me today… as usual take care and stay safe.




off, especially for you 🎁

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