Getting started with Firepush for Shopify dropshipping edition.

Getting started with Firepush for Shopify A simple to use browser push notification solution for e-commerce Helping you to remind and re-engage your customers, even after they’ve left your store.

Firepush for Shopify

Getting started with Firepush for Shopify dropshipping edition tutorial​


Firepush is an all-in-one marketing app that covers four major channels to help you reach your customers. Through automated email, web push, SMS and Messenger campaigns, Firepush drives more traffic to your Shopify store and helps to increase your sales. All Firepush features can be accessed through a single dashboard, allowing you to you to manage all your campaigns in one central place.

Recover lost sales from abandoned shopping carts

Just over 67% of online customers abandon their carts before reaching the checkout. Luckily, Firepush can help you win back would-be shoppers and recover lost sales by sending a well-timed reminder via SMS, web push and Messenger marketing channels to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Retarget your customers and watch your profits soar

Firepush can be set up to help you cross-sell or upsell other products to your customers. It’s so easy to send timely promotional messages about special offers or additional products your customers might like.

Deliver better customer service

Make your service more memorable by sending your customers a welcome message, order confirmations, delivery updates and more.

Types of Web Pushes and SMS messages you can send with Firepush:

  • Abandoned shopping cart reminders
  • Welcome messages
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery updates
  • Promotional messages (for cross-selling/upselling products)
  • New product launches
  • Review requests
  • Wish list pushes
  • Special offer countdown or price drop messages
  • Loyalty discount messages
  • Back in stock notifications

Email capabilities:

  • Bulk email delivery
  • Abandoned cart emails (coming soon)
  • Win back customers emails
  • Reward new customers emails

How does Firepush work?

Web push notifications are instant messages that you can send to your customers through their web browser. Messages will be received even if the customer is on a completely different website to yours.

The process for opting into web push notifications is really simple for customers. But best of all, message delivery is guaranteed – there’s no junk folder for notifications to be diverted to.

SMS message notifications work in much the same way, except that the message will go straight to a customer’s mobile instead. Firepush works with Chrome, Safari and Firefox (91% of search engines).

Integrates with

  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Email,
  • Web Push,
  • SMS




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