Novi Builder: The Hottest HTML Visual Tool or Not?

What kind of web-master does not want to streamline his or her workflow? In such a way, they are often looking for simple editing instruments that make everything easier. We would like to speak about an effective HTML visual editor called Novi Builder. Together with you, we are going to find out whether it is a great website-building tool for you or not. What perspectives can Novi Builder provide you with? Our task for today is to uncover its advantages and disadvantages. Without any other words, let us try to understand why many people consider it so unique and innovative…

What is a Novi Builder?

Novi Builder is a popular HTML editing instrument based on drag-and-drop functionality. It is intended to assist you in your website-building process and allow forgetting about coding. Actually, it sounds pretty amazing. However, will it be a perfect tool for non-technicians? In our opinion, it is better to be used by experienced web-developers. If you have no coding background, it may be a little bit difficult to fathom. Anyway, it makes it easier to assemble your online-project. In addition to this, you are going to get not only a drag-and-drop builder itself.

Novi Builder

Novi Membership: What Is Waiting for You in Its Package?

Novi Builder is not only a visual HTML tool. Its subscription opens access to such features and benefits as:

  • multiple ready-made HTML templates designed for popular niches;
  • basic plugins (as an example, Google Maps, social integration, countdown functionality, contact form, and sliders).

It seems to us that it is a pretty attractive bunch you can grab. What can be better than getting the whole package of options you should include in your online-project? Furthermore, these plugins are considered to be essential ones. We cannot withhold our opinion on these beautifully-designed and well-organized templates. They are crafted for the most widely-known niches (like non-profit organizations, small businesses, and many others). They are compatible with all modern browsers. It is also possible to integrate them with extra services. These days, the platform can provide you with 40 templates to choose from.

Other Features You Should Find Useful

Now, we should focus your attention on its set of options. Among them, you are going to find the following ones:

  1. Code Editor;
  2. Drag-and-Drop Tool;
  3. Page Manager;
  4. Page Setting;
  5. Edit Mode;
  6. Design Mode;
  7. Preview Mode;
  8. Text Editor;
  9. Content Editor;
  10. Configuration (Layer Tool);
  11. and many others.

Web-developers can easily take advantage of the source code editing. You can get access to CSS, HTML, and JS editor to customize your pages and their blocks.

Novi HTML editor

Will Novi Subscription Prices Be Affordable for You?

Startup ($29)Advanced ($49)Developer ($149)
Novi HTML visual editor;Essential plugins;Professional support;30-day money-back guarantee;Multipurpose HTML template;Free updates.Novi visual HTML editor;Essential plugins;Unlimited websites;Professional support;30-day money-back guarantee;20+ HTML templates;Free updates.Lifetime access to Novi visual HTML editor;Lifetime access to essential plugins;Lifetime unlimited projects;Lifetime professional support;30-day money-back guarantee;Lifetime access to all Novi templates;Lifetime free updates. 

It is pretty obvious that a developer pricing plan is the most costly one. However, it can be called the most beneficial one. For $149, you will get a chance to use all of its amazing options forever. By the way, we should also say that these prices are billed annually.

Some Other Details You Should Keep in Mind

Novi Builder can also provide you with a large number of tutorials. This means that you will understand how to use this tool and its features. Moreover, Novi Builder has a wonderful Facebook community. People share their experience and extra tips you will be happy to get. If you are a beginner, it is possible to ask others for a helpful piece of advice.

To Sum Up: One More Time About Pros and Cons

In general, we can say that Novi Builder is a really worthwhile platform. It certainly offers some amazing advantages in comparison to some traditional HTML editors. Now, we should mention the key pros and cons again.


  • affordable prices;
  • extended design functionality (three modes to choose from and access to the source code);
  • various plugins and templates.


  • might be a little bit difficult for non-techies.

As you can understand, it works mainly for professionals. If you are a web-developer who has many custom orders, we really think you should get familiar with this drag-and-drop HTML builder. You are free to work with your source code. If you are a beginner, you can always opt for an edit mode, ready-to-use layouts, and additional plugins. Do not forget to look through video tutorials to make everything easier. Just take some time and learn its peculiarities. As a result, you will be able to build original online-projects. Now, you should make an important choice and decide whether Novi Builder is your perfect variant or not. Thanks for reading!



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