Starting with your own email marketing automation script

Ever wanted to create your own email marketing on autopilot?

Well not so long ago OSC has created a 2 part tutorial on how to install and get started with Mautic a email marketing automation script, that ca be easily installed on your server and deployed within few hours. As usual I will embed the 2 videos at the end of this article, for you to watch, so what is Mautic? Mautic is a Open Source application that will run your email marketing fully automated once has been setup properly, also being Open Source it has a rich community where you can learn while using it and be part of a well established user based knowledge enviroment, if you have questions I am sure you will always find the answer in their community base forums.

For all the latest code changes and modifications an bug reports you can join the group on their GitHub page also you can join them on Slack and for all the latest news you can follow them with their blog too.

Below is the full tutorial on how to install and get started, while part 2 only covers how to install it manually.

Part 2 of the Tutorial is how to install Mautic manually on your server in case you do not have access to an automated installation script like Softaculous.

So as usual, I wish you to be well and stay safe..

I will see you in the next article.



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