WordPress 5.5.1

Well here we are with the latest version of WordPress 5.5.1, one of the best achievement in web development and hosting for a such demanding application, and how the French say hébergement wordpress opusdomus, of course we are in a age where fast hosting for WordPress are needed for the simple reason the demanding of resources are extremely high, If you want to create a website using Elementor it is necessary a blazing hosting like CloudWays, capable to create at will droplets of a serve with high demand in traffic and server side resources.

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It is of a vital importance to understand how all this works and able to adapt the design at a pin point for a server management at a level of service and security to enable the WordPress website to shine.

In my previous posts I have added information on how to get started with hosting adding tutorials from Youtube to help you get started, you can get now a days ready made fantastic templates that are easy to install and getting started with, check Template Monster for a great selections of wordpress themes and plugins.

With COV-19 still among us many have started to use ZOOM for all their communications, well check how you can integrate is the latest version of WordPress by adding a simple free plugin and a free account with Zoom, **Tutorial here.

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